Fresns is a social network service software, respectively open source, cloud services, distributed deployment scheme, designed for cross-platform and build a universal community products, support flexible and diverse content form, can meet a variety of operational scenarios, in line with the trend of the times, more open and easier to secondary development.

Open Source

Privately deployed for use on your own servers and databases, under the Apache-2.0 open source license, free and unlimited use of the product for any purpose, including commercial use, forever.

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Sign up and use the cloud-based service version, no need to build your own environment and technical operations and maintenance, freeing up your technical energy, so you can focus more on operations. And data support export and compatible with the use of open source version, you still own the data ownership.

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The open, transparent, self-controlled distributed version returns data ownership to the user, you and the user co-produce the data and use and distribute it flexibly based on your business scenarios, and the user shares the business value of the data with you.

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